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Huddlestun Lumber Company

Serving the Three Rivers area since 1938.

Pictorial History

Ralph and Barbara Huddlestun, 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1974

Cleyon Clark, 1956

Harold (Andy) Anderson, 1956

Madge and George Parker, mid 1970s

Madge helped run the Centreville branch Hazen Lumber when George was in World War II

Emory Van Horn, John Sanders, 1956


Roma Mayer, 1956

Long time Huddlestun Bookkeeper

Ray Young, 1956

Father of Richard Young, long time Huddlestun employee

Augustine (Gus) Simone, 1956

Gus Simone, Andy Anderson, John Sanders


Yard on West Michigan


Office on West Michigan Street


Yard on West Michigan


Entrance to Yard from West Michigan Street


William Handy, 1956


 All photos from the Collection of Harold Anderson. Please contact Lorraine Anderson (

for details and permission to reprint.



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